My LiFe ChAnGiNg EvEnTs!

By: kuchai latiff

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Saturday, 16-Jul-2005 00:00 Email | Share | Bookmark
jln2 pangkor - part 1

dahsat bas2 skolah skrg canggih2
anak buah sume sewel2
kuat pose org tua nih jgn memain
shh pakteh tgh nak mengenyam ngan nyonya tuu
kekasih awal & akhir
kerinting ngan pakteh
hihhihi kat pangkor jek teksi pink karer nih
buai laju
mana mak sedara ngan anak sedara pun x tau!
team boling padang
acara lambung belon
tua bangka main tiup tepung daa
penat lepas tarik tali
pose apo tah x tau
teh tarik satu cik!
sukaneka acts
bbq nite
adik nyanyi tapi tak menang buhoo!
org pompuan kalu dah shopping
senyum pueh dah dpt yg diajati
ini manageress resort tuh apa daa mata pejam
masuk taun nih 3 taun berturut dah me ke pangkor. neway its a different place totally as the first year adalah solely pangkor laut resort, last year swiss garden damai laut which is on the land then ini barulah naik the real pangkor ferry heading towards pulau pangkor itself. so, definitely a brand new view & experience.


oohh yaa this is a rombongan with my aunt's makcik gomen opish. hahahah its actually bahagian biasiswa, kementerian pendidikan family day @ kiswa (how they come up with the short form me know not)!

check-point for the day adalah kl sentral sharp 7am la kunun. typical 'janji melayu' close to 8 only we take-off. then we are suppose to meet up with 2 other buses at r&r rawang. tunggu..punya tunggu goodness gracious almost 10.30 only we depart from there!

not complaining abaden there are those who did not consider bout others & happily taking their own sweet time using reason such as 'i have a big family @ anak ramai'! oohh plssss tak kesian ke with others who duly oblige to the itinerary? dont mean to hurt any parties feelings tapi adatlah kan dah berjalan ramai2 nih make it pleasant & easy for everyone plssss.

by the time we reach lumut its close to 3.30pm. straight away heads to the jetty since we're in a big group & they can't afford to hold the ferry too long as they have to accommodate other passengers too.


oooh ya to accompany my makteh & pakteh there were me, my alang & adik & nora our cousin. nasiblah jln ngan us the org muda mcm nak pengsan la our foster parents nih melayan. tapi very active la cant be bothered bout others trus je follow the manager & we manage to take the first taxi to the resort.

then the majlis went on smoothly with the tele-match at 4.30pm, then bbq & karaoke contest at night! the next morning is the lucky draw session & free & easy for all.

all in all its a very enjoyable trip for the 6 clan. to makteh & pakteh thanks for everything & jgn serik bawak kami lagi yaahh! mmuaahhsss!


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