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By: kuchai latiff

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Wednesday, 6-Jul-2005 00:00 Email | Share | Bookmark
cooking time!

yaahh this is seeing me typing the 2nd time for this entry! anyway syukur sbb fp is back to its normal self! boring gilaks tak leh wat pape.

being someone who spends most of her schooling & studying life in the boarding school has distanced me from the kitchen. apa taknya 5 years during secondary school then another 3 during uni.

dah tu manjakan, balik umah is always to qada' the tido time + my aunty is staying with us at that time + my 2nd sis yang more into the kitchen business nih. so me apa lagi cuci tangan je la!

other house chores like cleaning & washing i'll be glad to do it tapi when it comes to kitchen works tembel ya amats! not to say tak pandai langsung but i'm surrounded by so called pakar harus ketar lutut's mak ini. not to mention the kritikan membina sampai ke ulu ati tau at times hehehehhe

that's why if raya time i'll take care of the house front & my sis in the kitchen. vice-versa kalu tak raya la kita that year!

abaden, langit tak selalu cerah. jodoh my aunty dah sampai. ayaakk how la nafsu to eat so big then mom is always out-station at that time nak tak nak me have to take the challenge la jawabnya. and that's where its all begins.

and today alhamdulillah! stakat nak lepas perut sendre tuh kata org bole lah! there's no right or wrong as long as u are willing to try.

since dah dok umah bujang ini kekerapan masuk ke dapur itu bulis dikira dgn jari. but after joining the kurus badan prog me opt to pre-packed food from home, freeze it then heat it in the microwace d opish for lunch. so me will cook for 3/5 days punye lauk. besides jimat i get to control on the minyak & other things lah!

so penat dah type karangan here are some recipes i'd like to share with all of u. me never have specific amount for the ingredients as its always on campak2 basis so u all agak2 ekk!


sambal tumis udang


cili boh/giling
air asam jawa
bawang (untuk tumisan)
gelangan bawang besar
sos tiram (optional me like to discard the hanyir taste)
garam & gula

tumis bawang
masuk cili & goreng until terbit minyak (slow fire tau kang hangit plak)
then masuk sos tiram & air asam jawa
after mendidih masuk udang
until dah tukar color masuk gelangan bawang besar
then garam & gula

*kalu suka u can goreng the udang sekejap (oh ya kunyitkan dulu b4 goreng)


sup suun & fucuk


1 pek suun & fucuk campur (bnyk je kat kedai jual this pack ada cendawan & kincham juga inside) - rendam tuk kasik kembang
1 kiub stok ikan bilis/ayam
1 biji telur (di pukul)

tumis bawang or tuk yg jaga badan like me didihkan air with the bawang & 1/2 of the kiub
then masukkan the family yg telah diremdam tadi (the cendawan tuh potong2 la gedebau ngat)
until dah kembang sepenuhnya masuk garam
pour in the beaten egg trus padam api
kacau & idang panas

*a good option kalu takde sayur d umah + dpt la mkn ala2 shark's fin soup


ayam panggang segera


4-5 cuts chicken parts (any parts to your liking)
1 pkt perapan ayam panggang maggi
bawang hiris

mix & marinate all the above for 1 hour or more
bakar in the oven for 15 mins

*u can also use fish, lamb, seafood, meat or whatever la u desire
** if u like can perah some asam limau masa marinate


sayur campur goreng


1 pek sayur campur (me rajin bli the sayur yg dah siap poton kat jj itu) or else u can put in kobis, kobis bunga, cauliflower, carrot, sawi, cendawan, baby corn..ehh apa2 la heh
1 pkt tumix ayam/udang
sos tiram
hirisan cili merah
dash of lada sulah

tumis bawang with the perencah tumix
masuk sos tiram + sedikit air (just to dissolve kepekatan tiram)
masukkan the sayur2 keras dulu eg carrot
then the remaining sayur
u can either masuk the hirisan cili merah trus or lepas u dish-out the sayur in the plate

*garam is an option here sbb tumix & the sos tiram sudah agak masin ada plak garam tumpah kang

so, who says cooking is hard? antara nak & tak nak jek + mcm2 instant mix in the supermarket nowadays. don't get me wrong tau masak tuh kejap but the preparation itu agaks tedios at times nak2 working ppl like us tak menang tangan dibuatnya. neway i don't buta2 use the ready mix coz i do add/alter here n there. the mix is just to complement the rasa jek!

happy cooking all!

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