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By: kuchai latiff

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Tuesday, 28-Jun-2005 00:00 Email | Share | Bookmark
jln2 tioman - part 3 (advanced open water certification)

back to school!
i've got a red basket all to myself (2 ari je la pong hihihihi)
w'out this kalu don't dream of going down!
bcd & wetsuit
i earned this after 2 days of hard work!
i did my open water (OW) certification way back in 2003. pehtu divingnya adalah once a year gitu! sia2 jek amik! neway me got solid reason ekk! first, takde kaki, pehtu rm doesn't permit. its quite costly + tak sume tempat includes everything in the package. ada tuh cuma kasik tank ngan weight belt lelain adalah perlu disewa. planning to get myself the gears nanti lah when durian jatuh tergolet kay!

pehtu mesti kata dah tau its an expensive sports sapa soh amik? at least i have achieved/done what i feel like doing instead of menyesal dikemudian ari kay! aim skrg nak pi dive di sabah sanun be it sipadan kaa, mabul kaa apa kaa janji merasa. tapi rugi la plak kalu tak buat deep dive ngan nite dive.


that brings me this time for my advanced open water (AOW) certification. since the practical is so kurengg maka harus la all the skills have gone down the drain. so wajib kena ketuk with the instructor at all time. neway AOW is not as tedious as OW. reading on related chapter & answering the knowledge review is all needed from you.

decided to do it with tioman dive centre because i've dived with them last year. typical me will go back to the place that i am familiar with! so mahal ke murah ke telan je lah! neway i trust their capability & the facilities they have! ooppss again its my sole & only opinion kay! you are most welcome to scout around for other places.


here are the excerpts from the e-mail sent by tioman dive centre

You can do the course pretty much any time, as it is fairly simple – not too much theory, mainly based on experience, though there is a manual to read. I have given a little more information below.

The Advanced course consists of 5 dives, usually done over 2 days. If you have not dived for a while, it is advisable to do at least one simple dive before starting the course to refresh your skills and knowledge.

The overall objective of the course is to dive in new environments under instructor supervision. In this way you learn new dive techniques safely. While doing this, we also tune up your skills in general (buoyancy, fining technique, body position, etc) so you may find our charges slightly higher than some dive centres, who just send you out with a divemaster.

The 5 dives include:

- 2 required dives: deep dive (to 30 m) and navigation dive (use of compass underwater)
- 3 elective dives: chosen from a list which includes night, wreck, naturalist, multi-level and peak performance buoyancy.

The theory requirement is less than for the open water course. You have to read a short chapter in the manual about each of the 5 dives and complete a knowledge review. That’s all – no quizzes or exams!

The price of the course is RM 650, inclusive of equipment, use of training materials, instructor time, boat use and certification costs.

alhamdulillah i manage to complete the whole thing & indeed it is such a good experience! i learned a lot & now have to make it a point to dive more than once a year plssss! hehehehe now rm adalah agaks stable + dah ada kaki coz opish mate pong sesame certified.


to tioman dive centre and Alex especially thanks for everything! I had a good time and am more confident of my skills now! i have overcomed my unnecessary fear & most of all thanks for being patient! i'll be back again!

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