My LiFe ChAnGiNg EvEnTs!

By: kuchai latiff

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Friday, 30-Mar-2007 15:00 Email | Share | Bookmark
hospital experience

bnyk2 tempat dalam dunia nihhh spital and balai polis would be the last place to be avoided if possible. yup call me a ciken deep inside i do have a phobia of these two places. choppp the next writing is gonna be kinda 'memualkan' if u have no guts please ignore this entry of mine (as this is my blog kaann i'd luv to read it back one sweet day)

i had prolonged mensus eversince february. visits to gp indicates hormone instabilize. abaden marked day 48 the bleeding is not showing any sign of stopping. thus brings me to pantai bangsar for a checkup with a gynae specialist. upon check-up she suspected ada ketulan daging along the salur which causes the non-stop bleeding.

she told me that she's gonna stop the bleeding rupanya2 udah ler minor surgery. lucky enuf i came alone or else i should have been admitted according to her. adoiii laaa kena admitted puloks daahh. itu yg she decided to perform it there and then. ilang malu dah cik jah janji nak baik cepats. it was done live without bius kaa apa kaaa so i let u do the creative thinking. there were about 4 ketulan & while that is going on bleeding tak payah cirte laa. then i was left on the bed for quite sometime cause if the bleeding does not stop she's gonna perform stitches pulaks daahhh! ya allah i just went blank at that time didn't know what else to expect.


syukur the bleeding stopped. but i was warned if the bleeding comes down excessively once i am back at home i have to rush myself back to the hospital & get admitted for further monitoring. we were done close to 6+ and I even drove back on my own.

keeping my fingers crossed, berdoa pada tuhan yg maha esa its not cancerious or yg sewaktu dengannya and alhamdulillah the bleeding have stopped. i've been informed earlier that there will be some brownish to blackish discharge so not to worry. there are also tablets for me to consume to compensate the blood loss. wokeh meeting her up again this friday for a follow-up on the lab test

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