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By: kuchai latiff

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Friday, 26-Jan-2007 12:00 Email | Share | Bookmark
makcik nak ngomel sket

dek sebab acik nak komplen kat sini cooking series will be postponed until further notice (cecewah mcm la ada org heran pong ehehhehe). neway di jemaat yg mulia where am having a fever dah alang2 mc tuh mari lah kita pi renew passport secara berjemaah. with hesitation i woke up n get ready n off i go to immigration pusat bandar damansara. with full excitement nih nak try test the new kiosk aka machine & my new passport should be ready the most within 2 hours gitu. little that i know the whole wilayah system is down. dah tuu tak reti2 nak put up a sign saying its temporary down? kata bukak 8.30 sampai dekat jam 9 gelap gelita jugaks. termangu-mangu la kita nih tunggu kat luar. fine pi lah tanya kat the information counter.

me: bape lama cik jangkaan down nih?
counter: itu kita tak pasti susah nak cakap
me: dekat sri rampai down jugaks ke?
counter: itu kita tak pasti tapi bole cuba ke sana jgn pegang plak cakap kita (hmmm naper awak tak offer jek call kan dulu sri rampai whether the system is up there?)

so both me n my sis like headless ciken berkejor ke sana thinking ada gaks the mesen kat sana + its a friday tau la traffic mcm mana. we reached there & it seems the system is up. skali tanya mesen kat mana cik? sini takde mesen tuu (aiikkss if am not mistaken the menteri himself buat perasmian of the machine dekat sri rampai tak ke very misleading nih). so both of us end up doing it like others by filling up form apa seme. tengah nak fotostat ic then the uncle tu kata sini pun baru saje up tadi pagi pun memang down (tak ke buang masa baik tggu jek kat pbd takdi). ok laahhh the submission process was very fast. tapi yg me musykil why submission at one counter n nak bayaq is another counter? why cant u do it like bank teller (all at a go tak kira la apa urusan pun). and nak jadik citer lagi besh only 1 sole counter n i repeat 1 kaunter jek cik jah nak collect the payment. of course seeing the ticking clock kitorang nih berdebar laa as we need to go to kl to run few other errands. n that cashier lady is taking her own sweet time though the application dah bertingkat-tingkat at her window panel n u can see all the pegawai talking, yaking with the others like nobody's business sebab kerja dah siap katanya!

by the time our giliran to pay all u know she just put at the receipt kaunter 18 after 2.45 pm & at that time its not even 12 noon yet. when we raise the question naper tak bole dapat skrg? her answer is: mana nak sempat 12.15 kaunter dah tutup! omg cuba kalu bank ckp mcm tuu? cuba kalu kaunter maxis ckp mcm tuuu? how would u feel? i know it has been donkey years that friday will be a long break but since u guys are in the service line tak bole ker rotate? we could see the lady staff is sama bnyk with the guys but why everybody have to go for the long break at the same time? or kalu u kata u have to get the long break then go slightly earlier or later tak bole ker as long as we dont have to be the mangsa keadaann pegi balik mcm org tak betul whereas many things could be done during those hours. furthermore saturday is a rest day now tak bole ke compromise having the counter opened even during friday break? neway, u started late so cant u make up for the earlier burned hours though system down is way beyond your control?

sempat la kami masuk kl even parked our car n take the lrt as traffic is a nightmare in kl on friday. n we are back there at 3pm. i checked at the info counter n our fren kata pergi trus jek cik to the said kaunter. me pun rush n all u know the officer kata apa? cik duduk dulu nanti kita panggil giliran cik (where sah2 our numbers have been called earlier n dah terlepas n u expect me to duduk again!) masa nih my sis emang dah abish sabar just pegi to the said kaunter balik n smash him 'skrg nih nombor kitorang dah lepas u nak kita tunggu sampai u tutup ker'? then baru kelam kabut n then only the outside counters are calling for our numbers. rupanya they are settling all the application first then only panggil yang dah terlepas. i mean how would we know yur system? cuba explain sket. nak tunggu sampai kita dah mengaum macam singa baru kelam kabuts tak cukup tanah memasing.

so much of having everything done in an hour or 2 we end up spending almost 1 day there jugaks. i would like to stress here that I have no issues with the gomen offices. but just a matter of thought la kan if a machine can process & complete everything at a go why at the counter it takes such a long process? if a machine can perform everything u as a human tak rasa tercabar ker? n i wonder if there will be ever a race like how many application can we process in an hour? just to test how compatible we are. fine we work according to the existing workflow but cant we improvise it? nak tunggu sampai menteri turun padang & make noise baru nak jalan ker? i rest my case kalu tak sebab am leaving for overseas i could have gone n applied some other day.

sowey as this is a very long entry. i am just expressing my frustation on how things worked in this country at times!

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