My LiFe ChAnGiNg EvEnTs!

By: kuchai latiff

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Monday, 26-Oct-2009 01:14 Email | Share | | Bookmark
abah hupdate 26/10/09


- dr dah bukak his stitches. benang kat old stoma seme dah cabuts. then the post opt wound tu alternate. tapinya udah terstretch sket so need to monitor him lagi nampaknya
- he also complained having pain at the new stoma especially when he turned to his left side
- udohnya elok2 muleh discharge dr still needs to monitor his progress
- other things he is okay insyallah can get up and clean himself and his stoma. cumanya real mandi tuu idok le lagi kak temah oiii ate banjir puloks his dressing nanti
- when can he be discharge? god knows yg penting let him gain his confidence + at the hospital he gets proper care & tak payah nak pegi mana2 for his dressing. ini kang dah balik umoh satu kelija la plak nak pi klinik komunitas apa seme which is a bit strenuous for him at the moment


Friday, 23-Oct-2009 02:16 Email | Share | | Bookmark
cooking series


baked ciken II


ciken parts - to your liking la ekk kita kebetulan ada thigh portion
black pepper sauce - hat kat umah kita is actually the green color version bli kat kuching dulu
1-2 tablespoon lemon juice
garam to taste
rosemary dry herbs - or any herbs to your liking

- mix everything and rub on the chicken
- marinade for at least one hour or betterstill overnite
- since kita punye 4 thigh jek i baked it in toaster oven for 10 mins
- or else bake in normal oven at 200 degrees
** serve it hot
** jus dari ayam tuu bleh mikin sos or idang mcm tu jek
** u can have it plain, wif rice, wif salad, in sandwiches or pita bread..totally up to you
**i like mine slightly burned at the top so kalu tak suka once the ciken turned white bleh laa kuarkan

Thursday, 22-Oct-2009 01:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
abah hupdate 22/10/09


- yaayy abah dah buleh makan seme mende amin....tapi sendre mau hengat laa still have to pantang ate post opt wound tuu baru lagik kannn so nak kena jaga la sket makan
- smlm dia sudah bantai marathon ngan adik saya sama naik berlawan makan nasik udahnya come nite time udah ler ketat perut plak daahhh
- lucky enuf tak muntah or sakit perut abah....abah...yang penting slera dia dah ada balik
- ehh syukur gaks we get to transfer him into 2 bedded first class ward
- ya ampuns not bcos of belagaks u olls but its more comfortable for him, idak ler jadik bahan pameran kat muzium gittew, secluded and ado air-cond (tejuk mcm peti es nihh ahahahha), bilik air pun dekat and dia nak bangun duduk pun slesa.
- at the moment only beg kencing jek yg tinggal. yesterday he went for some check-up and today baru tau the outcome. kalu takde apa mebbe dah boleh off the tube and he can be discharge by end of the week kots.
- but we are requesting for an extension bukan apa kat umah pun takde sape all of us are working. initial plan dia nak pi dodok umah makteh kita kat slayang. our aunty dah amik pun cuti panjang nak jaga dia. abuden 1 malam pun tah berapa kali ganti his dressing sebab dah basah so kalu kuar besok a bit hayer-wayer la + nak buat proper dressing (for the open wound) tuu dah nak kena pi pusat kesihatan plak. itu pun bukan kena attend there and then still have to wait. therefore, for time being nih stay put jek dulu dodok diam2 hotel spital until he is much stronger and able to manage himself then baru kita kluar and pi dodok makan angin kat resort selayang ekkk
- ehhh before this kan abah is suffering from smell and taste disorder. alhamdulillah after this operation he has regain it back. it could also bcos he have stopped smoking for quite sometime or was it because his chest and tummy were flushed over and over again during the opt thus cleanse out whatever unnecessary stuff in him...i know not.


Monday, 19-Oct-2009 02:44 Email | Share | | Bookmark
abah hupdate 19/10/09


- dr terpaksa bukak few of his stitches since those part is a bit watery and dah almost nak jadik nanah plak daahh. so watching the nurses dressing him almost makes me fitams (bukan sbb geli but i experienced this kind of thing for my closed ones)
- dr have included soft diet for abah so he can start taking porridge
- dah off the morfin machine. now he will depend on the ubat tahan muntah until further notice
- alhamdulillah moga abah cepat regain his appetite and get rid of the angin yang sangat banyak in his tummy especially
- he looked way better today lepas masuk darah since yesterday evening
- ehh anybody knows how can he overcome his phobia bila dr nak cucuk amik darah tuu ekk? dr pelatih nih pun satu hal jugaks cari la urat tu betul2 dulu ehhh ini tidak dah masuk jarum then sukatik mak jah dia jek godek kanan godek kiri tak kompem hat mana satu. sakit tauuu....put yourself in his shoe.
- dont get me wrong i am very much grateful for their kind services but at times a bit inconsiderate main satu macam jek cucuk uhuhuhuhuh


p/s: sowey if u're disturbed with the images

Saturday, 17-Oct-2009 08:41 Email | Share | | Bookmark
happy deepavali!!!!


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